Friday, July 6, 2012

Yum cha from the Asian Grocery store

One of our favourite meals out is Yum Cha. I believe in the USA it's known as dim sum.

We like it because it's the sort of food we don't eat at home. It's a pretty inexpensive meal out overall but Chinatown yum cha definitely tastes better than suburban yum cha, at least in our part of town.

Today's solution was a trip to the Asian grocery store. For under $30 I got enough frozen and pre-made dumplings, spring rolls, pork buns etc to feed is for yum cha at home three times.

As you can see we fried some won tons and rice noodle rolls and steamed the rest. We already have an Asian steamer. these are available at all Asian grocery stores. They're also great if you want to steam fresh fish.

One of the things I like at yum cha is the simple Asian greens that are served with oyster sauce. So I batch of these as well. Greens lightly steamed, oyster sauce and sesame seed. So simple and so yummy.

This meal wasn't as fabulous as yum cha at The Regal or The Marigold but it was delicious and simple and inexpensive and something different. Now I have enough in the freezer that next time I won't even have to travel to the local shops.