Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Giant chocolate freckles and freckle pops

All Australians know what a chocolate freckle is. For my American readers it's a chocolate button covered in sprinkles, usually about the size of a 5c piece.

A couple of weeks back I was at a swanky cafe at a nearby beach and they were selling giant chocolate freckles at $6 each and freckle pops at $4 each which totally reminded me that last year my daughter and I made my parents Easter grab-bags that included giant chocolate freckles. (And they loved them!) So I thought we would do it again.

This is a super simple thing to do with kids because:
a) it involves chocolate
b) it involves sprinkles
c) that's all you need. Well for freckle pops you need lollipop sticks or even paddle-pop/craft sticks but that's it.

Chocolate freckles and freckle pops
So here is everything you need.

A bag of chocolate melts (I used dark but when i do this again with my daughter we will make white chocolate ones as well).
Sprinkles (I used regular multicoloured but you could use pink ones or red ones or whatever).
Baking paper
Lollipop sticks/craft sticks (optional)

1. Trace circles on baking paper the size of the freckles you would like to make.

2. Melt your choc melts according to directions - I used the microwave for extra speed.

3. Cover the circles one by one with chocolate and add sprinkles.

4. If using sticks insert before sprinkles.
5. Place in fridge to firm up (about 1/2 an hour).
6. Package up or eat.

Other ideas:
- These are great for party favours or goody bags or cake stalls/bake sales.
- You can shape for a theme eg stars for fairy wands.
- I'm sure you could do carob ones if you have issues with chocolate.
- Vary type of chocolate and sprinkle colours.



  1. They look lovely Monique. My email address is If you copy the HTML code of my button and go in to the 'design' area of Blogger, you then decide where you want to put it, ie in the side banner for example and then select "Add a Gadget". Then select "HTML/Javascript" and paste the HTML code for my button. That should do it.

  2. These are so cute! Certainly this would be a fun project for kids.