Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mum, you're probably over-thinking dinner.

I am the world's worst food blogger. I suppose I could just show you an array of food photos I've taken and intended to share over the past months but what would be the point? Okay I'll do it anyway.

The truth is we've been renovating our kitchen which has taken an impossibly long time. It seems to have created chaos which has seeped in to all corners of our life. My husband has been a DIY renovator and as soon as he would get a run on the work would come in. he's self-employed and the motto of all self-employed people is "never say no to work." 

Anyway we're nearly done. We're still working out what goes where in the pantry and we still need to re-paint the entire interior of our house.and it's open plan so once one starts one must continue unless one wants to be surrounded by furniture covered in ghost like sheets. (That project looks like it is a week away, at least).

Meanwhile I haven't been entertaining and our culinary efforts have been simplified. I'm pretty sure the only person in the family bothered by this is me - which leads to the topic "Mum, you're over- thinking dinner." 

Tonight we're having tuna noddle casserole (the American) or as my daughter calls it (the Australian) tuna pasta bake. This is not now nor will it ever be a high point in my kitchen career. I don't hate it but if I never eat it again, that's just fine with me.

Kids on the other hand love it. My daughter and her friend were in the car not long ago discussing favourite foods. I announced we had one in the freezer and my daughter could have it for dinner. Her 
friend said "You're soooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky." As if she had a new iPhone.

So what do I know? Not much apparently. I'm pretty sure I could serve the following menu on rotation and never hear another complaint:
- tuna pasta bake
- pizza
- tacos/nachos
- butter chicken
- spaghetti and meatballs
- Florentine stuffed mushrooms
- risoni
- meatloaf
- roast chicken
- ribs
- pulled pork
- breakfast for dinner

I'm not doing that because I'll go out of my ever-loving mind but maybe we/parents should give ourselves a break and relax into these "family favourites". I guess they're favourites for a reason.

There's no recipe for Tuna Pasta Bake - I'm pretty sure everyone knows how to make it.

I hope to be a better blogger from now on...meanwhile if you're interested stop by my writing blog - Monique McDonell - author.