Sunday, January 9, 2011

A new start

It's the start of 2011 (yes I know I am a week late already!) and so I thought I might record how we eat, our meals and our efforts to eat well as a family without going insane with the spending.

We're a small family of 3 but we like to eat well.

In 2010 we decided (or rather I decided) that we wouldn't eat take-away food at all. I'm all for eating out because I love the experience of being out in the world and experiencing different foods. Somehow when you get these same foods home in small plastic containers or pizza boxes they don't quite taste the same and the cost of them makes me nuts.

We did well with that challenge. I believe we broke it twice so all in all I think that was a success.

This year we will continue with that but also try to cut costs from our food budget and keep waste to a minimum, if possible.

We eat our share of spagetti bolognese and sausages but we also like to cook more interesting foods...I guess if you keep reading you will learn sme of our favourites. I hope to post savings, recipes and creative solutions to keeping the budget under control without sacrificing taste and quality.

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