Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day from the kitchen

It's February 14th in sunny Sydney now. Well it was actually pouring rain soaked Sydney in my corner near the beach until well after lunch but the sun is out now.

My husband is working until after ten tonight so no great romantic meal is being prepared in our kitchen tonight.

In the past my efforts have included heart-shaped pancakes and heart-shaped brownies. We have done oysters and champagne and seafood platters laden with prawns and crab. Our favourite dish when we were first together was called Champagne Peachy Duck...yes very retro. That reminds me we've made Cosmo's, margaritas and Bellini's in the past.

We don't always celebrate Valentines Day however if we do we tend to do it at home due to babysitting constraints.

Anyway, I hope that there are lots of other people cooking delicious Valentine's feasts this year and celebrating with their loved ones.

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