Friday, February 3, 2012

This week's menu in review

This week we ended up adding two new meals to our menu.

This month's Australian Good Taste magazine has a Chicago-style deep dish pizza on it's front cover. You can see it here.

I varied the recipe to use ingredients we had and char grilled our own capsicum and zucchini on the BBQ.  I used my pizza dough recipe not the one in the magazine. Also we actually put the skillet on the BBQ and cooked it with the hood down because Monday night was actually the hottest day Sydney had seen in a year so I really didn't want to run the oven. Here is our version. I think it looks pretty good. It certainly tasted good.

Another recipe we made this week was a Gnocchi Bake. My daughter wanted to make a recipe from her cookbook back in January and so I bought 2  potato gnocchi packs at the fruit shop for $5 in anticipation. For some reason this is a product that is half the price at the fruit barn that it is at the supermarket.I was still waiting to see this culinary masterpiece when February rolled around.

I very simply cooked the gnocchi as per the instructions on the pack. I think it's very important not to overcook them or they become gluey and not so tasty.

Meanwhile I made a basic bolognese sauce. I mixed the two poured into a glass baking dish and topped with a bit of ricotta i needed to use and a combination of grated tasty and parmesan cheeses. baked for 35-40 minutes until bubbling and browned on top.

I forgot to take a picture (sigh) but this was yummy and a nice change from regular pasta. My family has requested we have it again so I will take a photo next time.


  1. Hello Monique! What a lovely surprise when I saw your face pop up in my 'Followers' list. I thought, 'that face looks familiar'. So nice to see you again. I'm following you now so I'll be able to look at all the lovely things you cook. How's your daughter going? All grown up I suppose. So great to see you again Monique.

    Anne xx

  2. Hi Anne
    So nice to see you too! I was having computer issues and lost your link and then I found you again! So nice to reconnect! My daughter just started Yr6...getting too big too fast but still lovely!