Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My poor neglected cooking blog

My poor cooking blog has been neglected of late. I have has some camera issues which have meant when I have cooked something new and interesting the photos haven't worked.
One thing I find when I'm busy is that I tend to fall back on tried and true recipes rather than getting creative and making something new...it doesn't make for such an interesting read.
For example tonight we're having Chinese Style Ribs which I have already blogged about before. Simply because when I saw the right cut of on sale meat at the supermarket I knew it would be a quick (well not so much quick as not labour-intensive) and tasty dinner!
We still like to eat well when we're time poor and that's when planning comes it. I was putting something in my extra freezer today and I realised I had the makings of quite a few freezer meals and that it would be a really good idea to have a freezer cooking day.
The questions is when? It won't be this week...but maybe next. I am thinking food even if not much is happening.
So what have we been doing/eating? I've been focussing on making things that have a duel purpose or get us through two meals
I've taken to poaching some chicken breasts on a Sunday night and making half into chicken salad and half into chicken pasta salad. That's great for lunches. And the pasta salad is the same with pasta, corn and tomatoes...
Last week I made meatloaf so my husband and daughter would get meatloaf sandwiches for two lunches.
I turned last week's roast chicken into soup today which I had for lunch and will again on Thursday.
Chinese-style Ribs http://mysydneykitchen.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/chinese-style-pork-ribs.html

Oh yes and we did make this cake for my daughter's birthday last week. She had an archery party!

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  1. Hi Monique, I sent you an email thinking it was your email address but you may have changed it. I'll try contacting you here. I appreciate your message on the blog and I'd love to hear what your friends have done.

    Hi Monique

    How are you? Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Things have just gotten a bit too much and something's gotta give. I'll get there. I just have to jump a few hurdles and then I'll be okay again. I was actually contemplating rejoining SS because I remember they had a lot of single Mum threads.

    I'd love to hear what your friends have done. I'm open to all ideas.

    Thanks again Monique.

    Anne xx