Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cucumber crab boats

At the moment I'm trying to reduce the carbohydrates I eat. I find that easy for dinner and even breakfast. Lunch is more of a challenge.
It's very easy to gran a roll or a couple of slices of bread or even some crackers and make something tasty and quick. In winter I make lots of soups which make great lunches full of veggies and legumes that fill me up.
Summer is a different challenge. Some of it is about your mindset as well. People readily pay $5-10 for lunch out while working but we all seem to baulk at buying slightly more expensive ingredients to make our own lunch.
This lunch involves crab. Fresh crab meat is $6 for 140g at my local supermarkets. I used about 70g for this lunch so $3 worth.
With the other ingredients I had it was probably less than $4 total...more than I spend on homemade lunches usually but less than anything I can buy out of the home.
For low-carb options of course you could use a tomato or an avocado if you have those and not a cucumber available. Or make a lettuce wrap.
If carbs aren't an issue this mix would be lovely on some rich rye bread!
Cucumber crab boats
Serves 1.
70g crab meat
1 celery stalk diced
a squeeze of lemon juice
salt & pepper
1 tablespoon of good quality whole egg mayo
1/2 teaspoon dill.
1 Lebanese cucumber.
1. Half the Lebanese cucumber and scoop out the seeds (I used my cherry pipper because it was a good size. Cut each half in half so you have 4 boats.
2. Combine other ingredients.
3. Scoop into cucumber boats.
Enjoy! (My photo only contains one as I had already eaten the other 3. I couldn't wait!)

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