Thursday, January 30, 2014

Back to school - lunchbox treats

All over Australia children are putting on uncomfortable school shoes, scratchy uniforms and backpacks and heading back to the classroom.
The irony that they head back as  we inch towards February, traditionally the hottest month of the year, is lost on no one. Not the teachers, the kids or their parents.
It makes filling lunch boxes all the more challenging.
We like to vary our lunch boxes a bit. I'm not the mother who makes her kid's sandwich into art work but I'm also not the one who sends the same thing every day year in year out.
Some of the favourites staples here are:
- homemade sushi
- pasta salad
- chicken salad wraps
- meatloaf sandwiches
- leftover sausages on a roll
- leftover meatballs on a roll (aka a meatball sub)
- savoury muffins
- homemade scrolls
I'm big on protein so I try and ensure there is plenty for young minds to work to capacity...and older ones too as my husband also takes lunch...I work from home so my options are wider.
Our lunch boxes always contain fruit. One of the best summer fruits are frozen orange segments. They help keep the lunch cold and well they're refreshing. Just be sure to cut them up before you freeze them!
Other additions we like vary:
- homemade weetbix slice
- homemade mini muffins - 2 make a nice sized snack (banana nut, banana choc chip, apple, orange poppy seed, lemon curd) (Here are some frozen and ready to grab in the morning)
- dip and veggies or crackers (hummus or guacamole usually)
- banana bread
- wholemeal banana carrot cake
Last year I relied too much on pre-packaged snacks. This year I'm trying to
move back away from that both for cost and nutrition.
I'll be posting more recipes and options over the coming weeks.

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