Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas preparation

Gosh this blog has been negrelcted of late. I have been so busy that my cooking has been much more a collection of old favourites than new adventures.
It does so help to have recipes you can fall back on. Last weekend I went to a friend's booklaunch where I was helping with the food. Mid-week she announced she was having 90 guests.
So bright and early Sudnay morning I was up making four zucchini slices. Simple, economical and delicious.
Sometimes in December you don't have time to re-invent the wheel.
We're hosting our annual Christmas drinks again this year. I worry people will be bored with the same old thing but it appears not. My head count is at about sixty.
This year's menu has a similar structure as last...
People bring finger food and I make some too...I'd like to make something different this year but it could well be the usual fare of zucchini slice, smoked salmon canapes and 7-layer dip.
Baked ham and rolls
Sausage sizzle for the kids
Crockpot meatball and spagetti for the kids (I can pre-make the meatballs and throw them in the crockpot with sauce a few hours out). I like to pre-cook short pasta and have it cold for parties. By the time the kids add the meatballs their food is hot but not mouth-scorchingly so.
My husband's bbq paella
MYO sundae bar
Christmas itself we're hosting lunch for my husband's family and I think that is twenty-four.
I've already made sure all the non-food items are covered such as chairs, table cloths, cutlery, crockery so that in the week before I can concentrate on the food itself.
The menu is done and anything I can get ahead such as condiments, chips and snacks have already been purchased.
I'll be back to post more on the preparatio later.

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