Monday, December 10, 2012

Cranberry vodka

I am not a woman in possession of a fine estate as Austen might say but I am a woman in posession of several bottles of vokda. How I came to have these is a long and elaborate story that sounds somewhat more interesting when one actually has vodka in hand, but not entirely fasciating even then.
My husband and I have made a few flavoured vodkas over the years including my favourite - vanilla - and his peppercorn. He likes it in a Bloody Mary because he swears that is how they make it at Harry's Bar in Paris.
Many years ago (before GPS and the internet and google) we spent hours searching the streets of Paris so he could take me to this bar, where he had been before because like Hemingway and Sartre he was rather fond of it.
Anyway after seeing some cranberry vodka on Pinterest I decided to try and make my own. All the versions I found used fresh cranberries which are elusive here in Sydney so we used craisins.
Cranberry vodka
1 packet of craisins
1 bottle of vodka (with about 1/4 removed).
1. Step 1 pour the crasins into the vodka bottle.
2. Step 2 - Wait.
Our vodka has now bee steeping for 3 days...and it tastes delish! Check out the colour.
You could either drink as is or strain and remove the fruit.
Here's a shot of the three flavours. That black pepper vodka has an amazing colour and is very spicy.

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  1. Great idea! I bet those craisins would take marvelous in a fruit cake or bread.