Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! Welcome 2013!

Well Happy New Year.
I'm resolving to post more regularly in 2013. What happens when I get busy is I tend to fall back on tried and true dishes which means I end up with not that much that I think is exciting to post.
I will try harder.
Today is a gorgeous summer day in Sydney.
Dinner here inclueds a few favourites including:
Slow cooker bbq ribs
Creamed Spinach
We're also having corn and potatoes with sour cream.
My lovely daughter got a waffle maker for Christmas so she's on dessert.
We're ahving waffles with homemade triple berry ice-cream I made a few days ago to use up the last of the leftover Christmas berries.
It's a pretty yummy way to start 2013.

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