Friday, March 30, 2012

Pizza Night and Italian Night

As part of our no take-away pact that has been going for 2 years now we regularly replicate take-out food at home.

The most successful attempts at this include meat pies, sausage rolls, Chinese food, sushi and of course pizza!

Lots of people do home-made pizza night and we're no exception. The trick is to get a good pizza base that suits your taste. I know people who swear by pizza stones and cornmeal crusts. We do a basic dough which we throw in the oven on cheap metal trays. However we have a gas oven and I think the way it heats is quite like a pizza heats from below. Whatever we've done we've had Italian nights in the last few months with two groups of friends who make their pizzas differently to ours who found ours entirely delish!

Italian night is easy...4 pizzas (make double quantity of bases) and then spaghetti and meatballs done in the crock pot/slow-cooker, add salad and garlic bread and it's a very yummy family-friendly feast.

Here are some of our favourite toppings:
- ham and pineapple
- ham and mushroom
- proscuttio and grilled asparagus
- BBQ meat lovers (BBQ sauce base, mini meatballs or Italian sausage filling, salami, ham, cabanosi)
- supreme - ham, salami, mushrooms, onions, olives, sausage, anchovies

All of course with fresh basil and mozzarella!!

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