Saturday, March 24, 2012

Poached Chicken Breasts.

I used to belong to a web community where one of the women insisted it was super ecomonical to poach chicken breasts on the weekend to use during the week in salads, sandwiches etc.

At the time I couldn't find chicken under $12-13 a kilo so it didn't seem to be ver economical to me. Recently however chicken breasts have regulary been on sale at fruit markets and butchers near me for between $6-7 and I have started doing this myself.

Usually on Sunday I poach a couple of chicken breasts.

Poaching just involves cooking the chicken in water and vinegar with some herbs. I usually use white vinegar, peppercorns and bayleaves. Simple! (Though sadly not overly attractive!)

So how do we use the chicken?

Sunday night I make chicken pasta salad for my daughter's lunchbox (or I have her do it). We usually make enough for a couple of lunches. The rest I turn into simple chicken salad - my version has celery and dill through it and we use that on sandwiches through to Wednesday. For about $4 we get the protein for 9 lunches which is pretty good value ie 3 days worth for 3 people.

Other ways we've used it:
Chicken bruchetta sandwich

Vietnamese spring rolls
Chicken and corn soup
Chicken and mushroom pasta

Anyway, it's an idea you might like to try for yourself.

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