Friday, March 30, 2012

Are we going on a picnic?

Well I wish I knew the answer to that question. Last night I asked my family what they wanted to do on Sunday. Shall we go on the boat? Shall we go to town? Shall we go to a National Park? Anyone got a different idea?

When we went to bed last night no one had really given me an answer. Helpful, right? So today my husband is working which makes planning impossible. (It's a very annoying aspect of his job actually that he often seems to work on sunny Saturdays).

So what do I do about the possible need for a picnic lunch tomorrow? Chicken wraps are the answer.

Today while my daughter and I were having lunch I tossed some chicken tenders in with the contents of a pack of southern fried coating mix and baked in the oven for 25 minutes. I like this coating because it doesn't use oil or anything else to coat the chicken, so it's actually low in fat but gives you that fried chicken taste. It also works really well on chicken legs.

Now we have crumbed chicken tenders ready to go. If we end up going on a picnic I'll use the above ingredients to make chicken wraps not unlike those from a famous fast food chain - good mayo, lettuce, tomato and tortillas and we're good to go.. Should we decide to do something else the chicken will be great for school and work lunches this week.

We can fill out the picnic with fruit, crackers and some dip. Simple. Inexpensive. Tasty.

What's your favourite picnic stand-by?

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