Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's been happening in my kitchen?

Well I haven't posted in a while. The reasons for this are many and varied but include:
  • taking my daughter to three high school open days in a week
  • finding all the paperwork for high school applications
  • a day of freezer cooking
  • my camera deciding to play up
  • my computer hard-drive giving up the ghost
  • my husband helpfully misplacing his camera that I took back-up photos on
As with so many things in life sometimes it does feel just a tiny bit as if the universe is conspiring against one.

My freezer cooking day last week was a big effort but has made the past week's abundant crazy so much easier. So far we've eaten a gnocchi bake, a meatloaf, twice baked potato and sweet potato crumble from the day.

I think I mentioned before that I don't do all chicken dishes or all pasta dishes because that's just not what we like to eat or how we eat so I do a big mish-mash of things. I know that doesn't work for everyone but for us a freezer full of chicken won't help because we don't want to eat that every night for two weeks. Here is what I finished up with:

  • meatloaves x 2
  • sweet potato crumble x 2
  • twice baked potato x 3 serves for us
  • lamb and mushroom pie filling
  • gnocchi bake
  • zucchini slice
  • potato soup

I definitely need to do another batch of baked goods. My daughter made the ever simple lemonade scones on the weekend. These are a super easy thing for kids to make.

Carrots were on sale this week so I can see banana carrot cake and hummingbird cakes on the horizon.

Anyway, hopefully the hiccups have ended and I can get back to blogging in earnest again.

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