Monday, January 30, 2012

Menu Planning Monday - last week of January into February

Another week. Another menu. I had a lovely weekend away with friends so I should be all charged up for the week but I'm not so sure I'm feeling it. Maybe I needed another day or two away.

Life returns to some semblance of normality this week. School returns. Activities begin and as a result we have something of a schedule.

You would think that would make menu planning easier but we are also having quite an unexpected heatwave which means sometimes what sounds like a good plan on Sunday is less so when Thursday rolls around and is sweltering.

That's part of why I menu plan the week but am not too fixated on when we eat each meal.

Monday - Chicago style deep dish pizza
Tuesday --smoked salmon crepe cakes
Wednesday  - roast chicken
Thursday  - book club for me, burgers for them
Friday -   pasta
Saturday - tacos or fish  
Sunday - tacos or fish

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