Saturday, January 21, 2012

The power of the freezer

I have been a bit off the air the last few days. Friday was a big day on the harbour and then friends for dinner. Then I woke up with a truly disgusting head-cold. What is it about a summer cold that makes it seem so much worse? It just doesn't feel right to want to snuggle up under a blanket on a hot day.

Of course my lovely family are in complete holiday mode and not very proactive on the cooking front. Oddly enough they're pretty good most of the time but some how when life has no schedule it can be six o'clock and no one had even thought about dinner.

This is when having a few meals in the freezer ready to go is a a true life-saver. Tonight we're having stuffed peppers I froze in December. All my lovely husband had to do was get them out and turn on the oven. Nice and easy.

There are lots of ways to get extra meals in the freezer but the simplest is to simply make a double batch of something when you are cooking dinner. Just double the meatball recipe, make some extra soup or as I did fill a few extra peppers with stuffing and you will be set for nights like these. We could get take away food but we generally don't eat take-out (that's a whole other post for another time) but this is quick and convenient and saves us money.

Some other options are:
- pre-made hamburger patties and buns
- minute steaks for steak sandwiches
- spaghetti bolognese
- taco meat (for tacos, burritos etc)
- a curry

What do you keep in your freezer for emergency meals?

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  1. I always keep pre-made burgers that are ready for the grill, hot dogs, ground venison which can quickly be made into taco meat or mixed with sauce, quick frozen chicken breasts, and fish and salmon.