Saturday, January 14, 2012

Menu planning Monday

All over the internet you will see references to Menu Planning Monday. This is a movement where food, organisational and frugality bloggers share their week's menu on a Monday.

I think this stems from the US where Sunday newspapers include the week's coupons and loss leader advertisements. As a result people plan their menu on a Monday when they shop.

Here in Australia the deals start Wednesday or Thursday. My fliers arrive in my letterbox on a Sunday but the deals are not available until mid-week and sadly we really have no coupons. As a result I don't really plan my menu on a Monday but I like the idea that I could be part of a cyber community of people (mainly women) all planning their week's menu in unison.

So I think from this next week I will join in. When I plan my meals sometimes a week and sometimes a month at a time I don't set the meal to a fixed day because my lovely husband never knows what his work schedule will be.

I include a mix of easy meals and complicated meals, meals using red meat, fish, chicken and vegetarian options too. I try to also include a mix of family favourites, a variety of international cuisines and new ideas. To me whether we eat paella on Saturday or Tuesday is not as important as knowing we can eat it sometime this week.

So we will see how participation in Menu Planning Monday pans out but I'm prepared to give it a try.

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