Sunday, April 1, 2012

We didn't go on a picnic!

It was just the most beautiful day in Sydney today. Magic. We could have gone on a picnic but instead we cycled over the Sydney Harbour Bridge for lunch at Circular Quay.

We ended up at Cruise Bar at the Overseas Passenger Terminal largely because I was separated from the bike riders and spotted a waterfront table in the shade that the bikes could park beside.

Cruise Bar photos

We just had bar food fish and chips for my daughter which were delish, a burger for my husband and I had the grilled fish of the day which was a lovely piece of ocean trout. You can't beat the location and for bar food the prices are good. They also have share plates which I think would be lovely with out of town guests on a sunny afternoon.

We came home to the smell of lamb in the slow-cooker.

I love my slow cooker. I don't use it a whole lot really, maybe every ten days or so but for days like this I find it perfect. The whole set it and forget it nature of the beast is perfect for busy people.

So far I haven't made too many things that I would describe as 'gourmet' in the slow-cooker but for good family friendly meals it is hard to beat.

Some of my slow cooker favourites include:
- meatballs in sauce (A great way to serve them and keep them hot for a group)
- American-style pulled pork (recipe to follow)
- a whole roasted chicken - super simple and a quick way to do a roast
- beef "pot-roast" which is a great way to take a cheap/lesser cut of beef and make it tender
- corned beef or silver side - I must confess I am not a huge fan of this but my family loves it and I like the leftover sandwich meat we get for the week ahead.
- simple curries
- chicken stock
- soups

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