Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blender Bernaise

This week at the supermarket I bought a peppered beef roast on sale. It is the perfect size for our little family.

I don't like food too spicy and neither does the 11 year old so I was wondering what I could serve with the beef to take the edge of the pepper. Then it hit favourite of all sauces - Bernaise.

I love Bernaise sauce. I love the texture and  the slight acidity. I love that I associate it with fine dining at 5 star hotels with my parents in the 1980's. Really I love everything about it.

So I sought out a recipe for Blender Bernaise and decided upon one by American chef/cook Ina Garten. All my American friends swear by her recipes so who am I to question their wisdom?

Here is a link to her recipe. The only thing I altered was that I halved it because we were low on butter and really we have tons for 3 people with 1/2 the recipe.

Ina Garten Blender Bernaise

It doesn't photograph that well but it tastes divine and was super easy. I've put off making my own mayonnaise - my favourite condiment - forever but this experience has made me think I will do it this week.

Make some Bernaise and enjoy.

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