Saturday, May 26, 2012

This week in the kitchen and in life

This week the big news in our kitchen is that we bought a new oven and it will be arriving tomorrow.

It's really just the modern version of our old oven a 90cm Blanco. This one has an electric oven while the old one has gas. Sadly we couldn't afford a split system when we built the house and installed the original.

Our oven hinges were dying (no one wants a hot oven door to fall on their feet) and the seals as well. It was time.

As I type my daughter is making weetbix slice in the old oven. That along with a turkey hindquarter I will roast for dinner (and sandwich meat for the week) will be the oven's last service.

It has served us well. We've hosted countless birthdays, Christmas, Yulefest, bridal showers, baby showers, bucks and hen's and even one perfect Christening with that oven (Someone tell me why I thought catering for 70 including making 7 pies with an eight week old baby was a good idea?!)

When we built the house I insisted we get a a big oven, that and a corner spa bath were my only real requests and I don't regret either. (In fact I advise people get a big oven and get a spa bath when building or renovating but!)

This week we ended up eating crockpot beef casserole, chicken and mushroom casserole, some killer nachos and homemade pizzas on Friday.

I will include a photo of the new oven for those who may be interested.

On an un-foodie note I have written a book that will be available on Amazon as a e-book this week. I will post details here. There is a little cooking in the book but mainly they just cook up some romance. In will provide the link when it is live. Anyway if my food-related posts are scant this week it may be oven related but more likely it will be book related.

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