Sunday, May 13, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

This is a busy week for me. I run a small business and we are on deadline. Later in the week is the Sydney Writers' Festival and I will be there all day Thursday and Friday so I need to be organised.

These are the weeks I find a menu plan really serves me well.

Monday - My husband is fishing today. If he catches anything then fish if not (and it's cold and windy so that seems likely) honey mustard chicken legs, potato bake and creamed spinach
Tuesday - Stuffed calamari (a new recipe)
Wednesday - homemade sausage rolls and veggies
Thursday - Spinach stuffed shells and salad
Friday - homemade pizza or chicken pie from the freezer

Hopefully that gets us through. I really need to bake some treats for the lunchboxes so that might be a good project for this afternoon.

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