Sunday, April 8, 2012

Homemade lollygobbleblissbombs

Lollygobbleblissbombs are a packaged treat made up of caramel popcorn and nuts. They were big when I was a child in the 1970's and then they went off the market. They are up their with cool pops and french onion dip in my 1970's memories.

I think they lost their cool somewhere along the way or were replaced by more funky treats. They are available again at the supermarket now, after a hiatus I believe.

I began making them 3 years ago for my annual Christmas drinks party and they became a big hit. Last year I made some to go in my parents Easter treat bags and they loved it so I did it again this year.

Their bag this year contained coconut ice, Oreo truffles, giant freckles and freckle pops, rocky road and lollygobbleblissbombs.

I adapted a recipe I found here
because you do need lots of popcorn especially if you want the caramel not too thick (IE not thick enough to break your teeth).

Homemade lollygobbleblissbombs

1 cup of popcorn kernels
1/4 cup of oil (I honestly just cover the base a couple of millimetres deep.)
175g salted peanuts

1/3 cup honey
2/3 cup Castor sugar
60g butter

1. Heat oil and one kernel in a large sauce pan. When the kernel pops add the rest of the popcorn. Keep saucepan moving until all popcorn popped. (Or make popcorn your usual way
2. Spread the popcorn on a large baking tray covered with baking or silicone paper. Sprinkle over peanuts and combine.
3. Meanwhile in a small saucepan combine caramel ingredients overheat and stir until sugar is fully melted. About 5 minutes.
4. Let caramel bubble for about another 7-8 minutes (I let mine go further this time than usual - I'll be honest caramel and the possible 3rd degree burns scare me - and it was extra extra good).
5. Carefully pour caramel over nut/popcorn mixture and leave to set (about an hour). Break into "bliss bombs".


  1. Thanks Globetrotter it's very yummy. It also keeps pretty well due to all that sugar I expect.

  2. I will be making this soon..... thanks!