Sunday, April 15, 2012

A trip to the Organic Markets

Produce from the local markets

Today my daughter and I made a trip to our local Organic Markets at Frenchs Forest.

To be honest I don't buy all that much that is organic, some things not others. All the produce is grown by and sold by small farmers so I feel like it's fresh and being sourced from the supplier regardless.

Today's list included:
- organic twiggy sticks
- organic dog treats (Not sure Skip knows the difference honestly)
- two buckets of baby grape tomatoes
- lettuce
- hummous (My food processor is about to die and be replaced. Grinding chickpeas would be it's death-knell).
- avocado
- Japanese eggplant
- basil
- a sour dough breadstick
- saffron linguine

What do I plan to do with all this? Good question.

The hummous will go to dinner at a friend's house, as will some twiggy sticks on a plate of nibbles.
My daughter will inhale the tomatoes as snacks, we'll use the rest in salads and pasta dishes.
I made some Italian tuna salad which I had on sour dough for lunch using some basil and cherry tomatos too. (I took a very arty photo on the camera and then the batteries died mid-way and it wasn't saved. So annoying!)
I'm not sure about the Japanese eggplant. They are great to stuff but these ones are a bit bent so I may just make some rattatouile or maybe
I think the linguine will be yummy with a seafood pasta sauce so I will investigate that as well.

It was a nice time wandering about getting a coffee and my daughter got gozleme for her and a friend who was coming over for lunch - which they completely devoured. I really must make my own gozleme as well. They aren't hard but the dough needs time to rise you need to plan ahead. Not always my strength.

Anyway I think it is lovely to have markets nearby to explore and it is a very pleasant way to support small growers and fill in a Sunday morning.

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  1. h monique! love that you have written a blog about our Frenchs Forest Market and your recipes are sensational! We would love to do a segment with you for our Frenchs Forest Market Blog! if you can email that would be great!