Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stuffed Mushroom Sandwich

Today I am a bit bored. It is an overcast Sunday, my husband is working and my daughter is busy doing her own thing. I could be writing an article, working on my new author website, working on a friend's website or even editing a book. I am however doing none of those things.

When lunch rolled around my daughter made herself a tuna salad sandwich so that just left me.

I decided to do something different. I often have mushrooms on toast for lunch. I saute them in some butter with fresh rosemary. Very yummy.

Today I had a large Swiss Brown mushroom so I decided to keep it whole and made this Stuffed Mushroom Sandwich.

Stuffed Mushroom Sandwich for One
1 large mushroom (Portabello, Swiss Brown or regular)
50g smoked cheese
1 slice ham
salad greens
2 slices wholemeal bread toasted.

1. Heat the panini press or sandwich grill. (I don't have one but a George Foreman grill would work too)
2. Remove stem from mushroom and insert cheese and top with ham. (You could leave out ham if you are vegetarian)
3. Close press and cook about 5 minutes until cheese is gooey.
4. Assemble sandwich by spreading mayo on bread, tom with mushroom and greens.


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